Attention Pretzel Lovers!

There’s a new party pleaser on the scene. Now, you can turn any occasion into a full-blown bash by letting Auntie Anne’s supply the snacks. Our product perfectly adds to the party atmosphere and is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests!

Contact your local store to discover whether they can cater for your event. You can mix and match however you like, but we’ve shown some example packages below.

Pick a perfect package

Classic pretzel package

Classic Pretzel Package

If you’re a fan of the classics, this one’s for you.

5x Original Salted Pretzels
5x Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels
3x Cheese Dips
3x Caramel Dips

meat cheese spice pretzel package

The Pizza Package

Our Pretzel Pizzas are next level tasty!

2x Cheese & Tomato Pizzas
2x Meat Feast Pizzas
2x Cinnamon Pretzels
2x Vanilla Pretzels
2x Chocolate Dips
2x Tomato & Herb Dips

Cashback Perk

Meat, Cheese & Spice!

A savoury mix perfect for a feast

3x Cheese Pretzels
3x Cheese & Jalapeno Pretzels
3x Cheese & Pepperoni Pretzels
3x Pretzel Dogs

All Occassions

We can cater a wide range of occasions for you!

Business Catering


You only get one chance to make the right first impression. Choose wisely.

Staff Meetings
Client Meetings
Corporate Events

Party Catering


If you host a party, and no one brought the Auntie Anne’s, did it even really happen?

Game Nights
Baby Showers

Seasonal Catering

Seasonal Events

A fresh Cinnamon Pretzel at Christmas
– Yes please!

Christmas Parties

At Home

Create your own at home with our

DIY @ Home Pretzel Kits

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