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The animated story of Auntie Anne's

from little rewards to global success

Come with us now as we take you on a journey through time.

We'll meet medieval monks and American Indians

We'll climb the alps and sail the Atlantic

Don't worry if you've not eaten, pretzels will be served.

610 AD

Legend has it that an Italian monk served pretzels to children as rewards for remembering their prayers. He called them ‘Pretiola’, latin for ‘Little Reward’.

1100-1200 AD

The Pretiola journeyed across the wine regions of Italy and France, traversed the Alps and through Austria before settling in Germany. It was here that the Pretiola became known as the 'Pretzel'.

1200-1300 AD

Pretzels become an Easter treat with recipes enhanced to include eggs, cheese, butter and spices; the prototype for Easter Eggs!

1300-1400 AD

Tying the knot becomes a whole lot tastier as the Pretzel is used during wedding ceremonies; becoming a symbol of marriage and everlasting love.

1652 AD

The first mention of Pretzels in America... In court!

A baker is 'accused' of selling superior pretzels to Native Americans whilst using second rate flour for the colonists

1988 AD

Auntie Anne's is born! "Auntie" Anne Beiler buys a market stand in Downington, Pennsylvania, USA and starts selling the Original Pretzel and lemonade!

1991 AD

Auntie Anne's is growing fast!

4 million Pretzels sold from 90 different locations across 12 states!

1992 AD

Auntie Anne's opens it's one hundredth store!

A tasty century indeed!

1995 AD

The Auntie Anne's Pretzel begins its journey around the world as Auntie Anne's opens their first International store Indonesia

2003 AD

Auntie Anne's lands on the shores of Blighty as the doors of it's Cheltenham store open.

2006 AD

The billionth Auntie Anne's Pretzel rolled! If the dough was laid end to end, this would stretch around the earth 25 times!

2008 AD

Happy 20th Birthday Auntie Anne's! Free pretzels for everybody on our anniversary!

2009 AD

A "grand" opening as the 1000th Auntie Anne's store is opened.

2010 AD

Auntie Anne's continues to grow with stores located in Japan, Poland & Egypt!

2011 AD

Britain loves Pretzels! Auntie Anne's open their 20th store in the UK with Pretzel fans far and wide.

With 1,400 stores worldwide and 30 in the UK, Auntie Anne's is continuing to grow, spreading joy with our "Little Rewards" as our ancestors did centuries before!