Please see below some frequently asked question about various areas of Auntie Annes

Product questions

Q. How are pretzels made?

All products are made on-site at Auntie Anne’s stores throughout the day. We make up a dough from the raw ingredients (flour mix, yeast, water) and let it prove. Once the right size, we hand-roll into our variety of products and bake in our ovens. Depending on the flavour, some products get flavoured before baking whilst some get flavoured after baking. Once baked all pretzels get a brush of butter to finish (except vegan pretzels of course!)

Q. What is the nutritional information for Auntie Anne's menu items?

For nutritional information, please see the detailed nutrition information on each product on our menu.

Q. How fast can an Auntie Anne's Pretzel be rolled?

The fastest pretzel roller in the Auntie Anne’s family can roll and twist a pretzel in 3.5 seconds.

Q. How can I reheat my pretzels at home?

Here are our suggestions for reheating your pretzel:

Oven: Preheat oven to 200°C. Wrap pretzel in foil and bake for approximately 3 minutes.

Microwave pretzel for approximately 10-15 seconds on medium setting. Repeat as necessary.

Q. Do you have vegan / vegetarian pretzels?

Yes, many of our products are vegetarian as standard. We can also adapt some of these to become fully vegan by using a vegetable spray instead of butter. Please ask at the store.

Q. Is your meat Halal?

Please check this at your local store.

General questions

Q. Who can I talk to about my Auntie Anne's experience?

We welcome your comments. To submit questions or concerns regarding your visit to any of our locations, please complete the Contact Us Form by clicking here. You can also contact us on social media

Q. How does Auntie Anne's handle charity donation requests?

Because Auntie Anne’s is a franchise organisation, please contact your local Auntie Anne’s for donation requests.

Q. Is Auntie Anne a real person?

Yes, “Auntie Anne” Beiler founded Auntie Anne’s in 1988. She and her husband, Jonas, opened a farmers market stand that originally sold many different snacks, including pretzels and her Old-Fashioned Lemonade. After a little experimentation, the dough our company uses for all of our fresh pretzels was born. In 2005, Anne sold the company and is proud of what she start

Pretzel Perks Rewards Programme Questions

Q. What is the Pretzel Perks Rewards Programme?

The Pretzel Perks Rewards Programme is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers. By visiting our stores, you can earn cashback on products, along with a number of other benefits and bonus gifts. Please click here for more information.

Q. How do I join Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks rewards program?

Joining is easy and rewarding. You can download our Pretzel Perks app or join Pretzel Perks online to start collecting rewards with each purchase.

Q. Do all locations participate in the Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks Program?

Yes all UK and Ireland stores participate.

Q. What is the Pretzel Perks Plus programme?

We are currently piloting a slightly different programme in 7 of our stores throughout 2021. In these stores, you get a discount rather than accrue cashback credit. Learn more

Career & Franchise Questions

Q. Where can I find information about owning an Auntie Anne's store location?

Details on owning an Auntie Anne’s franchise, including cost, application process and franchisee support structure, are available on our franchising website.

Q. How can I work for Auntie Anne's?

There are many career opportunities available at Auntie Anne’s. You can find recent postings by visiting our careers page or by visiting your local store and enquiring whether they are hiring

At Home Kits Questions

Q. How can I make your pretzels at home?

With the Auntie Anne’s At Home Kit, you can enjoy our freshly baked pretzels anytime hunger calls. Auntie Anne’s special recipe lets you mix, twist and bake 10 Original or Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels. You can purchase these kits from your local store.

Q. Where can I get instructions for Auntie Anne's At Home Baking Kit?

Every At Home Kit should come with baking directions. If for some reason it does not, please contact us for a PDF version

Q. What is the Pretzel Perks Plus programme?

We are currently piloting a slightly different programme in 7 of our stores throughout 2021. In these stores, you get a discount rather than accrue cashback credit. Click here for more information (Linked).

Q. How much yeast is needed if it wasn't included in my mix?

We apologise that your mix didn’t include a necessary ingredient. If you have yeast accessible, please use 1 tablespoon.

Q. Are holes in the dough mix bag normal?

Yes, the small holes in the dough mix bag are placed there intentionally to prevent the bag from breaking open during packaging and shipping.

Q. Can I make the dough mix in a bread machine?

Yes. Follow the instructions from steps 1 to 3 under the dough preparation section. Bread machines vary, but the total mixing time should not exceed 15 minutes.

Q. Can I make other snacks besides pretzels with the mix?

Yes absolutely, the dough is very versatile. You could try pizzas, buns or pastry wraps for example. Experiment and share your results with us!

Q. How long does it take to make pretzels?

Approximately one hour from start to finish including 30 minutes to let the dough rise. Here’s a break-down of the time typically required for each step involved:

  • MIX 10 minutes
  • SIT 30 minutes
  • TWIST 10 minutes
  • BAKE 10 minutes

Q. What is sodium bicarb, and what purpose does it serve?

Sodium bicarb is another name for baking soda. This ingredient helps the pretzels bake to a golden brown.

Q. How much baking soda is needed if it wasn't included in my mix?

We apologize your mix didn’t include a necessary ingredient. If you have baking soda accessible, please use 6 tablespoons.

Q. Can I freeze the dough and make the pretzels later?

We recommend baking all the pretzels and then freezing them to enjoy at a later time. Freezing and reheating instructions are included below.

Freezing instructions:

  1. Place baked, cooled pretzels in a sealed bag and freeze.
  2. Reheating instructions:
  3. Conventional/Toaster Oven: Preheat oven to 200°C; allow pretzels to thaw; wrap in foil and bake for 3 minutes.
  4. Microwave Oven: Allow pretzels to thaw; microwave approximately 10–15 seconds on a medium setting; repeat as necessary.

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